Mishaps are unavoidable in armed struggle and war: BLF

Major Gohram Baloch, spokesman of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), said in a press release issued to the media that mishaps in the armed struggle and war are unavoidable.

He said that BLF is a responsible organization, fighting a national liberation war against occupying forces according to international norms. We believe in international laws of war and continue our struggle according to them. But it is impossible that there would not be any accidents and collateral damage in wars.

We make every effort to avoid such tragedies that harm non-related, non-combatant or civilian populations.

He said that last month, after receiving a tip-off about Tariq son of Mehrab, a state agent and a very important operative of the death squad, in Balgatar, Balochistan, freedom fighters of BLF tried to arrest him, on which the state agent opened fire and was killed in the encounter. During this cross firing, his wife was also killed. There is a strong possibility that she was killed by her own husband’s firing.

Tariq son of Mehrab

Tariq was an important agent and was in direct contact with Corps Commander Quetta. He was personally involved in the martyrdom of more than twenty of our freedom fighters. It is regrettable, if a woman is killed in crossfire during an attack on such a dangerous death squad agent.

Twisting this unfortunate incident is a deliberate attempt to misrepresent the indigenous movement of Baloch to the world, which we reject.

A human rights organization has also expressed its concern regarding this incident, but Pakistani and Baloch hostile media and Pakistani state hired people are silent on the real struggle and problems of Baloch.

We assure all international organizations that we consciously avoid any action that harms civilians, but even nature could not stop the accidents.

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