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Balochistan: the reality – II

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Injustices by the state against people targeted for absolute domination are committed both subtly and blatantly. Military operations are the overt aspect while the policies of pernicious economic deprivation, which are equally or even more devastating and debilitating, are the subtler aspect. Both forms of oppression have been perpetually committed against the people of Balochistan by the state since 1948. They have been systemically and shrewdly employed with an efficiency and perseverance unheard of in other governmental activities. This anti-people policy has resulted in making Balochistan the poorest province and its people the neediest and the most deprived in the region.

The insidious economic deprivation policies have been surreptitiously implemented and intimately complemented by the military operations. These over time have intensified and enlarged in scale and magnitude, proving that the resistance to injustices has increased and not decreased as a result of the surreptitious or blatant state violence.

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Aug 22: Shaheed Shahmir Marri


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August 21, 2022 · 3:00 am