We Have Firmly Decided to Continue the Sit-In Till its Natural Conclusion – Sammi Deen

This time we have decided to continue the sit-in till the end to make our protest fruitful without falling for their false consolations. These views have been expressed by Sammi Deen Baloch, the leader of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, on the social networking site.

The protest sit-in in Quetta against the Ziarat incident has entered its fifth day. Even after the heavy rain, the families of the missing persons are continuing their protest, while on the first day of the demonstration, the protesters had to face police violence and tear gas shelling.

Sammi Deen Baloch, expressed her views from the protest sit-in site via her twitter handle account, she said that the sit-in of the student organization, political parties and the families of the missing persons in the Quetta Red Zone is continuing for the fifth day today, but so far no sufficient and serious negotiations have not taken place with the government of Balochistan and the higher authorities.

She said that on the one hand, they kill our innocent people in fake encounters and on the other hand, when we peacefully protest for their recovery according to the constitution, they give us false consolations and promise to recover them, then forget the promises they made.

She further said in her another tweet that, today, the fifth day of the sit-in in front of the Governor’s House in Quetta passed, looking forward with the hope that the government members sitting on the seat of power, who talk big about public rights and protections, might feel pain, seeing Baloch mothers, daughters and infants sitting on the streets. But there is only apathy here.

Sammi Deen said that this time we have decided not to fall for their false consolations and will continue the sit-in till the end to make our protest fruitful.

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