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Reko Dik

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The resources of Balochistan are being squandered without a thought for the human or environmental consequences. The frantic and frenzied pace of bequeathing concessions and privileges to foreign firms to exploit the resources of Balochistan has predictably intensified in scale and magnitude. The human and historical rights of the people there have always been ignored and trampled upon arrogantly and callously.

The army operations, the forced disappearances, the extra-judicial killings, the incarcerations, the acquisition of land by the armed forces under different pretexts, the Gwadar land scams and concessions to foreign firms are all a part of an established policy of depriving the people of their resources and rights. The main thrust of this policy is to subdue the populace through economic deprivation. The goal is to coerce the population into acquiescence so that exploitation can be conducted in a threat-free environment of submissive people.

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