No Power on Earth Can Deny Baloch to Wage a Defensive War: Dr. Allah Nisar Baloch

Strong reactions and condemnation are still pouring in from different Baloch circles against the Ziarat incident.

Baloch pro-independent leader Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch, said in a brief statement on the social media website tweeter that Where is the civilized world @UN, #US and world powers that have conditioned their foreign policy with upholding human rights. Recent massacre of nine Baloch in Balochistan is reenactment of Bosnia all over again. Thus no power on earth can deny Baloch to wage a defensive war.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch’s statement has come at a time when Pakistani armed forces have killed nine Baloch in a fake encounter in Ziarat, who were already enforced disappeared and were in their custody.

So far five of the nine people killed in the fake encounter have been identified.

Those identified were Shams Satakzai, Shehzad Dehwar, Engineer Zaheer Bangulzai, Dr. Mukhtar Baloch and Salim Kareem Bakhsh

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