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There must be a road map for the achievement of the Baloch right to self-determination: Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell, the renowned human rights activist, chairman of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, and a relentless supporter of the Baloch cause, outlined the road map for a peaceful resolution of the Baloch national question in Pakistan. Addressing the meeting hosted by Baroness Natalie Bennett in the Houses of Parliament to discuss the worsening human rights situation in Balochistan, he presented his two-step strategy for ending the sufferings of the Baloch people.

According to him, for a negotiated settlement of the Baloch conflict with Pakistan, a series of actions should be taken:

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We are facing a credible threat

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

No state, individual or government can claim to have an eternal right to rule because their right to existence is directly linked to the duty of and commitment to fairness and justice for all without discrimination. They are under a moral, legal and social obligation to perform. Abandonment of this principle deprives them of their right to rule, govern or exist. They also become a credible threat to the welfare and safety of the people.

Here too the government has lost, if it ever had, its right to exercise power in the name of the people due its illegality and obsoleteness. Having lost its right to exist, it has become compulsively repressive and oppressive. Organized and systemic repression has become an absolute necessity for it and it is exclusively preoccupied with preserving its perks and privileges. Its intransigence and obduracy has increased in proportion to the worsening of the situation and conditions.

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