Two Deaths of Nasir Dagarzahi

The Ugly Face of Pakistan Army Atrocities in Balochistan

On July 17, 2011, a bullet-riddled body was found dumped in a sack from district Kharan, Balochistan. The victim was identified as Nasir Dagarzahi Baloch. This was his second death. And his killers had pumped a volley of bullets into his body to make sure he was dead, this time.

Nasir Dagarzahi Baloch was abducted along with his brother Mohammad Gul Dagarzahi Baloch at a Frontier Corps (FC) checkpoint in Balochistan on May 23, 2011.

Mohammad Gul Baloch was taking his brother Nasir Dagarzahi for medical checkup to Quetta on a passenger van; when the van reached at Sona Khan Police Station Quetta and FC check point both brothers were dislodged from the van and enforced disappeared by Pakistan security agencies in-front of several passengers. The bullet riddled body of Nasir Dagarzahi was found from district Kharan on 17 July 2011, while his brother was released later.

Nasir Dagarzahi, was a student activist from Panjgur district of Balochistan. He, along with three other friends, were first abducted during a midnight raid at his house on January 24, 2010 from Tasp area of Panjgur.

On 27 January 2011, Abid Rasool Bakhsh Baloch, a 17 year old Baloch student, and Nasir Dagarzahi Baloch, bullet riddled bodies were dumped at Gwargo area of Panjgur. Abid Rasool was found dead, but Nasir Dagarzahi survived miraculously despite being shot in his neck and legs. The other two friends of Mr. Dagarzahi, Abid Saleem Baloch and Mehrab Umer Baloch, were killed in custody and their bodies were dumped in a deserted area near Turbat on May 23, 2011.

A short film depicting the life of Nasir Dagarzahi, titled The Line of Freedom was developed by DWF productions with UNPO human rights ambassadors Noordin Mengal and Bhawal Mengal. The Line of Freedom is a 2013 political drama film directed and produced by David Whitney and starring Antonio Aakeel. The film had its world premiere at the Dubai International Film Festival in 2013. It was instantly banned in Pakistan for exposing Pakistan’s human rights brutality in Balochistan. 

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