Canadian lawmaker Tom Kmiec recognizes rights of Sindhis to struggle against Pakistan for human rights abuses

Ottawa [Canada], June 19 (ANI): Canadian MP Tom Kmiec recognized the rights of Sindhis to struggle against Pakistan for human rights abuses they commit on them.

Kmiec on Friday supported the solidarity of the Canadian public for the Ottawa-Freedom Walk for Sindh’s human rights, climate change, environmental justice, and love for nature reached, reported the EIN Newswires.

“This walk brings awareness of minority issues in Pakistan. It was an honour to address, meet and greet with them and give my support to their cause,” said Kmiec.

Sindhi Foundation, a Sindhi rights group organized a protest rally in front of the Pakistani high commission and delivered a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regarding the human rights of the people from Sindh province of present Pakistan.

The participants of Freedom Walk for Sindh thronged the Pakistani High Commission to register their protest and to hand over a memorandum against human rights abuses of Sindhis to a High Commission senior official, but no one showed up to respond to the grave concerns and protest on the human rights situation in their own country.

The Freedom Walk for Sindh began in Toronto and culminated at the Capital Ottawa covering 424 miles from May 28th to June 15th.

Kmiec who has been demonstrating his solidarity with the Sindhi community in Canada and the people of Sindh for their human rights in Sindh visited the site of the rally of the walkers for Sindh and said he recognized the agonies of Sindhi people whose minority, girls, are forcibly converted in this case to Islam, and political dissident youths have enforcedly disappeared. MP Tom Kmiec extended his support to the Sindhi communities in Canada and the people of Sindh.

At the culmination of the Freedom Walk for Sindh, Sufi Munawar Laghari, the Chief Executive of the Sindhi Foundation said, “the Walk for Sindh has now global significance and their next destination will be the walk from British Parliament, the Parliament of the United Kingdom in London to the French Parliament- Parliament France at Paris, next year.”

He urged the public, politicians, and parliaments of the democracies in the world, especially the European Union, North America, to come forward to persuade Pakistan’s government to stop human rights abuses against the people of Sindh.

Chalking out his next plans of action for Sindh’s human rights, Sufi Laghari, declared that he was going to sit on a hunger strike in front of the United Nations Head Quarters Building on the 77th General Assembly session commencing from September 13, 2022, in New York, reported EIN Newswires.

“We are here to spread the message of love for nature, concerns for climate change, and gross human rights violation of Sindhi people. So we have artists, intellectuals, musicians and human rights activists marching along 424 miles on foot,” said Sufi Munawar Laghari.

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