Evidence of Enforced Disappearances are the Statements and Speeches of Rana Sanaullah’s Ruling Party: Mama Qadeer Baloch

Mama Qadeer Baloch, Vice Chairman, Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, said in response to a recent interview of PML-N leader and Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan that his party’s previous statements and speeches are the biggest evidence of missing persons being forcibly disappeared by state forces.

He said that after coming to power, the rulers resort to lies at the behest of the army on this important issue but in the opposition, these people are the ones most sympathize with the families of the missing persons.

Mama Qadeer Baloch said that what type of proof Rana Sanaullah needs, on which he will rescue our people?

Mama Qadeer Baloch said that many Baloch people have been abducted by Pakistani forces in broad daylight. Several videos have surfaced on social media, relatives of the missing are protesting on the streets, enduring police brutality and facing the worst treatment at the hand of the commission.

He said that the helplessness of the families of the missing persons has become a game for the government and Pakistan’s national institutions and the tears of our people are jokes to them.

He added that thousands of people from Balochistan have been arrested and disappeared by the Pakistani intelligence agencies and this practice is still going on and these enforced disappearances have been acknowledged by the previous governments as well.

Mama said that at present in most parts of Balochistan, the families of Baloch youth and political activists who have been the victims of enforced disappearances are protesting and for the last two decades, families have been coming to our camp in Quetta on a daily basis to record their case.

He further said that in a country where intelligence agencies interfere in the registration of FIRs after enforced disappearances of people and the orders of the judiciary are trampled underfoot, what more does the law minister want?

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah had said that the families of the missing persons should give us proof we are ready for their recovery.

Rana Sanaullah had said that if the judiciary orders us regarding the missing persons, those who are in my subordinate agencies, we are ready to cooperate.

Akhtar Mengal also said he is ready, if the missing people are alive tell us, if they are not in this world, we are ready to forgive them. Let us know so that we can console the families of these missing persons.

Source: The Balochistan Post

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