Sindh Police Attack Peaceful Protest Against Enforce Disappeared Baloch Students of KU

Naghma Baloch, a family member of abducted Baloch students in her video message said “You all know last night Sindh Police promised and made a formal written agreement with us that they will arrange a meeting between the protesters and the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) today at 4PM, Sindh Police have not kept their promise and deviated from their agreement with us. Now they are threatening us for protesting peacefully and they have erected barriers all around us.

Today morning the families of Dada Baloch and Ghamshad Baloch with their lawyer appeared before the Judge at Sindh High Court for the hearing of their filed petition. Today was the first hearing of the petition they filed against the enforced disappearance of Dada Baloch and Ghamshad Baloch.

Judge issued orders to eight security agencies of Sindh including CTD to present both the students safely in the next hearing and if they are not in their detention then they should inform who has detained them.

Today afternoon families of Dada Baloch and Ghamshad Baloch along with the social activist of Kech met the Commissioner of Makran Division in Turbat, they presented him a memorandum.

They pleaded in the memorandum that both the students are innocent, if the state has any proof that they have indulged in any unconstitutional activities they should present them in court. Keeping them in detention without warrant is involuntary disappearance which is unlawful, inhuman and unethical. They appealed to the commissioner to contact the concerned authority and help in the safe recovery of their children. They concluded that if their children are not released then they have the right to protest and they will call for a sit-in at D-Baloch till our children and released.

At Karachi when Sindh Police did not keep its promise with the protester, they tried to march towards the Chief Minister’s Sindh House. Police stopped them from proceeding, but the protesters started marching towards the Sindh Assembly instead of going to the Chief Minister’s House.

The family members and Baloch activists started a sit-in near the Sindh Assembly, the peaceful sit-in without any provocation was brutally attacked by Sindh Police.

Sammi Din Baloch, after being released wrote in her Tweet that Doda and Ghamshad families protest sit-in was attacked by Karachi Police. All the women, children and men before being arrested were severely beaten. Now all our friends have been released, only those injured are in hospitals. Our woman’s headscarf was removed and thrown in the police vans without shoes like beasts.

Aziz Sanghur a Baloch journalist after seeing the atrocity of Sindh Police appealed to Baloch Nation to take collective action 

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