Four more Baloch youths go missing from Karachi

Baloch youths continue to go missing unabated from Karachi. Homes have been raided in different localities in Karachi and four Baloch youth have been taken into custody and shifted to unknown locations.

At around 5 pm on 7 June 2022, Doda Baloch son of Elahi Bakhsh and his department fellow student Gamshad Baloch son of Sattar Baloch were forcibly disappeared by intelligence and security forces personnel at a house in Maskan Chowrangi area of ​​Karachi.

Doda Baloch is a third semester student in the philosophy department of Karachi University and Ghamshad Baloch is a fifth semester student.

The family has no knowledge about their whereabouts and in what condition they are since their disappearance.

Friends of Doda Baloch say that he had a liver operation a week ago on 29 May 2022. He was on bed rest when he was abducted, and they have serious concerns regarding his health.

Similarly last night, security forces at Lyari, Miran Naka area of ​​Karachi forcibly disappeared a young man named Shaukat son of Haji Hazoor Bakhsh originally a resident of Panjgur district, Balochistan.  

According to family sources of the missing person, he is innocent and is a fourth class employee of a private bank.

Today (8 June 2022) another Baloch student of Karachi University, Kaleem Ulallah Noor Baloch was force disappeared from his home by Pakistani law enforced agencies and his whereabouts are still unknown to his family and friends.

Talking to media outside Karachi Press Club, Amna Baloch organizer of Baloch Solidarity Committee Karachi, Sammi Din Baloch Deputy Secretary-General of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons and family members of the missing persons, strongly criticized the Sindh government and said that it seems that all Baloch terrorists are in front of the government. Dozens of students from various educational institutions in Sindh are also missing at the hands of forces and intelligence agencies.

They said that the issue of enforced disappearances of Baloch in Karachi has reached a critical stage. Amna Baloch warned the Sindh government to stop the ongoing disappearances of Baloch in Sindh and demanded the recovery of all missing persons.

In a statement, the spokesperson of the Baloch Students Action Committee expressed concern over the escalation of unconstitutional and illegal practices of enforced disappearance of Baloch students. He said such practices are leading to the growth of an anti-education atmosphere in Universities and the academic careers of Baloch students.

The spokesperson of Baloch Students Action Committee said that we appeal to the government for the safe recovery of the missing Baloch students of Karachi University as soon as possible and making legislation against the unconstitutional practices of enforced disappearances. Also they should provide a peaceful learning environment for students so that while continuing their education they play a key role in the future social development.

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