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The armed forces are in the barracks

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The General-President said, the armed forces are in the barracks and claims to the contrary are unfortunate, while addressing the Jehlum garrison. For once I feel compelled to agree with him because the armed forces rank and file does live in the barracks; only a fool would disagree. Although the abodes of the Generals, Air Marshals and Admirals, etc., cannot be classified as barracks but for arguments sake we will accept them as such. So it is established that the armed forces do live in the barracks.

This, however, is only half the truth as it quite conveniently overlooks the disproportionate power and influence they wield over the body politic while living in barracks. When the people demand that the armed forces should return to the barracks they do not mean that in the physical sense. They want them to stop meddling in politics because this meddling violates the right of the people to be ruled by a government of their choice.

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