Investment in Balochistan will not be successful without the consent of the Baloch nation – Dr. Allah Nizar

Baloch pro-independent leader Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch, expressing his views on the foreign investments in Balochistan on the social networking website Twitter said they are doomed to sink.

On 30 May he tweeted “If the #Chinese, along with other investors, want to invest in Balochistan, can never safeguard their interests without the consent of Baloch. Again, we warn all international investors to abstain unless the Baloch people are the guarantors.

Baloch freedom fighters will never yield the sovereign property of Baloch homeland without a fairer share to its people. All the investors collaborating with occupying Pakistan, be it China or others, will be dealt with accordingly.

We affirm that their money will sink, no matter how powerful they are. Today the kind of threats Baloch is receiving from them are very loud and clear. Their every subversive move will be the doom of their plans and Baloch will remain as a nation.”

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