The young dynamic visionary Baloch leader

Nawab Yousif Ali Khan Aziz Magsi

Nawab Yousif Ali Khan Aziz Magsi was born in 1901 in Jal Magsi, Balochistan. His father Nawab Qassir Khan Magsi was the chief of Magsi tribe. He learned his Basic and religious education from Qasi Rasool Buskh. Mulana Gulam Qader of Baulpur taught him Urdu, Persian and Arabic. He became a pupil of Kaniah Lal of Lahore to learn English. Under the guidance of such great teacher of there time Yousif Magsi personality was build, which made him the visionary, revolutionary, freedom loving leader of the Baloch nation.

In early 1920’s with help of his friends like Mir Abdul Aziz Kurd, Yousif Magsi organized “Anjuman-e-Ittehad-e-Balochan” the first political organization of Baloch nation. Anjuman’s aim was to achieve unity among Baloch people and to drive a movement to create an independent Balochistan. In 1929 the famous article of Yousif Magsi, Faryad-e-Balochistan “Wail from Balochistan” was published in a newspaper circulated from Lahore. Because of this article he was arrested and he spend one-year imprisonment in Mastong jail.

Through the effort of the Anjuman Yousif Magsi and his friends convened two All India Baloch conferences. The first was held at Jacobabad on 27th December 1932 and the second one at Hyderabad on November 1933. Delegates from all over Balochistan and India attended these conferences. The aim of the conference was to achieve greater unity among the Baloch people and develop means of protecting their national rights. It adopted several resolutions calling upon the people to be united and work for the unification of the various Baloch regions.

Yousif Magsi and his colleagues in the Anjuman knew the importance of the media’s propaganda in achieving political goals.  For this purpose in 1927 they started a newspaper “Akbar-e-Balochistan”  from Delhi, Nassem Talwi became its editor, when its publication could not continue, they started publishing “Asad” from Lahore.     Anjuman also stated a weekly, Al-Baloch from Karachi under the guidance of Mir Mohammed Hussain Anka. Al-Baloch published an article “An unfulfilled dream” written by Ghulam Mohammed Baloch in its 25th December 1932 issues, in which the author gave a map of Greater Balochistan showing Western Balochistan, Kalat confederacy, leased area under British control and Baloch land in Panjab and Sindh united.

During the campaign to remove the prime Minster of Kalat in 1933 Yousif Magsi wrote a pamphlet “Shamsgradi”  “Tyranny of Shams” in which he criticized the policies of Shams government and demanded constitutional rule and elected representatives in Balochistan. In 1933 he also wrote another pamphlet “Balochistan Ki Awaz” “The voice of Balochistan” which was aimed at apprising the British Parliament of the socio-political condition in Balochistan.

When he became the chief of Magsi tribe he practically implemented his progressive policies in Jal Magsi. He opened an educational institution “Jamiya Yousifa” in Jal. He also build the Karthar canal to improve the irrigation system in his area. To provide health care to his people he build a hospital.

In February 1934 he travelled to England were he tried to mobilise public opinion in support of Balochistan’s independent. During his stay in England he met lawyers and parliamentarian and discussed with them the treaties. He wanted to bring the leased land back into Balochistan fold. On 31st January 1935 he arrived back to Balochistan were he met Khan of Kalat and his other comrades he briefed them about his trip to England and discussed the future course of action. Live did not allowed him to fulfil his unfinished desire of an independent and united Balochistan on 31st May 1935 the earthquake in Quetta not only destroyed the city but also scattered the plans and vision of this dynamic young leader of Baloch nation.

Baloch Vanguards

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