Karachi: Family members of missing Baloch arrested by Pakistani police

Karachi police arrested several people including the Organizer of Baloch Solidarity Committee Karachi Amina Baloch, the Deputy Secretary-General of Voice of Baloch Missing Persons Sammi Deen Baloch, wife and sister of Baloch missing person Shabbir Baloch.

According to the Baloch Solidarity Committee, police have arrested several persons including BYC Karachi organizer Amina Baloch, Nada Kirmani, Zarina Baloch and Dostin Baloch.

In a statement on the social networking website Twitter Vice chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) Mama Qadeer Baloch sharing a clip said “The Deputy Secretary-General of the organization @SammiBaloch talking to the media regarding postponing our protest due to sudden implementation of section 144.

The families of #BalochMissingPersons were manhandled and arrested despite the postponement of our protest. The police brutality is a message that occupied will just revive coercion and violence nothing else.    

Baloch missing person Dr. Din Mohammad’s daughter and Deputy Secretary-General of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Sammi Deen has told the media in this regard that we were to have a demonstration today regarding the recent arrest and disappearance of several persons from Karachi. However, after section 144 came into force in Karachi, we suspended our program while our friends living in remote areas did not get the information about it, when two of them came here, the police arrested them and took them away. When we came to ask about them, the police started to arrest our people.

Taranto-based Baloch rights activist Zaffar Baloch in his Tweet said “#Baloch women face police brutality, harassment & arrest outside Karachi Press Club. Amina Baloch & her colleagues arrested for demanding release of Baloch women & children. How is this different from #PTI/Niazi govt?

It is worth mentioning that in Islamabad, Punjab and Sindh province section 144 has been enforced and gathering of more than 5 persons has been banned.

The district administration has said that section 144 has been implemented due to curb possible protests, rallies and sit-ins. Section 144 has been implemented in and around the red zone for the next two months.

Source: The Balochistan Post

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