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Serious repercussions

Mir Mohammad Ali

In these wonderfully free times of the reign of enlightened moderation the procedure to get an exclusive interview with the General-President has been radically streamlined. All a TV channel has to do is to either request the Islamabad police to send its commandos to wreck the studios while the information minister is there or ask the goon run coalition partner of the Sindh government and of course Musharraf’s favorite to send their democracy and liberalism loving goons to bring it under small arm fire for a few hours. And Hey Presto the exclusive interview is granted.

There is no guarantee that pearls of wisdom will be showered or solutions of world problems forwarded but one thing is certain the mindset of the interviewee is duly exposed.

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May 23: Shaheed Jameel Ahmed Baloch & Shaheed Khalid Baloch

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May 22, 2022 · 3:10 am