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May 02: Shaheed Fida Ahmed Baloch

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May 1, 2022 · 3:10 am

Violence in Balochistan

Mir Mohammad Ali

The specter of violence looms large on the horizon of Balochistan and threatens to once again engulf this historically volatile province. The portents are ominous and gloomy because the opposing sides have adopted intransigent attitudes and do not even seem willing to have serious discussions regarding the contentious issues that continue to widen the rift.

The position and the stance of both the sides have become more inflexible since the failure of half-hearted attempts by half-baked, essentially rustic politicians of the ruling party to promote dialogue between the Baloch and the rulers. The promises and assurances, though doubted from the start, were given a reluctant try by some Baloch, but unfortunately even these were not kosher with the powers that really matter in this equation. This has only helped in creating more misgivings in the minds of the Baloch people, who always have been wary of promises and assurances.

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