April 1: Shaheed Sikandar Baloch

Shaheed Sikandar Baloch
7 Oct 1992 – 1 April 2022

Lullabies sung by the mothers to her children are not only the first words that build the character of that child but also provide basis of the culture for that nation.

On a stormy night of 07 October 1992 a child was born in Gomazi, a faraway small village of district Kech, Balochistan. The proud father Dost Mohammed named his son Sikandar. This child grew up in the house of a social and political activist in Tump tehsil. His father was popularly known as Chairman Dost Mohammed because he was once elected as the Chairman of Union Council Gomazi, he was affiliated with Pakistan National Party (PNP) a close confidant of Mir Ghaus Bakhsh Bizenjo.

Sikandar Baloch at a young age joined Baloch Student Organization Azad (BSO-A), he was a student at Govt. Boys High School, Gomazi. His commitment and bold stands made him popular among the students. In 2008, at the young age of 16, he was elected as Secretary General of BSO-A Gomazi.

As the Baloch freedom struggle gained momentum, Pakistani state’s repression against the Baloch activists became barbaric and the “Kill and Dump” policy reached a pandemic proportion. It became increasingly difficult to openly work as a political activist in villages and cities of Balochistan.  It was the year 2013, when Sikandar decided that it was time to pick up arms against Pakistani state subjugation; he went to the mountains and joined Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF). His energetic and enthusiastic attitude, politically conscious commitment, bold and fearless acts very quickly made him climb the rank and files in BLF to the post of Captain.

In the early days of 2017, Frontier Corps (FC) summoned Chairman Dost Mohammed to its camp in Tump. Were he meet Colonel Chandio and Major Haider Ali, they told him that even though his political and social activities are in the legal framework of Pakistan, they have information that he has affiliation with Sarmachars (Freedom Fighters) and his son Sikandar is a member of BLF. They told him to make his son surrender to Pakistan. Dost Mohammed replied to them that his son is an adult, he neither lives with him nor does he have any influence over him. The Pakistani state operators kept on harassing the family to force Sikandar to surrender. An Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Colonel also summoned Chairmen Dost Mohammed at Turbat FC Camp and later visited at his home, he threaten him of dire consequences if Sikandar does not surrenders

On 15 February 2017, in broad daylight the local death squad who worked under the patronage of the Pakistani state killed Sikandar’s elder brother Tahir Baloch in cold blood, inside the Health Center of Gomazi where he was on duty as a male nurse. This now made it clear to Chairman Dost Mohamed and his family that Pakistan is on the path of collective punishment, they want to punish the whole family for the resistance activities of Sikandar Baloch.

On 21 May 2017, the bus, on which Chairman Dost Mohammed was traveling to Karachi from Turbat, was stopped by Pakistani state security agencies at a place called Talar, by force he was offloaded from the vehicle, and this was the last time people saw him alive.  It is obvious, he was handed over to Military Intelligence (MI), and they tortured him to death in custody. His mutilated body was found on 25 May 2017 from Kunchiti, Balochistan.

The struggle, and suffering of this Baloch family did not stop there in 2017, as Balochistan bleeds, the struggle continues. On 1 April 2022, the family was informed that their son Sikandar Baloch was Martyred fighting the occupying Pakistan army in the mountains of Mand.

That fateful day Sikandar Baloch Aka Shay Mureed was the camp commander, he and one of the comrades were on a routine patrol in the mountains of Mand at Talidar, and they came face to face with the Pakistan army. The Pakistan army had the support of the Air force, they were quickly reinforced with Pakistan army commandos the Special Service Group (SSG). The two Baloch Sarmachars (Freedom Fighters) fought back bravely, they killed and injured three SGG commandos. In this skirmish, Sikandar Baloch got badly wounded, even though they were able to break the encirclement of the enemy but Sikandar could not walk far enough to safety. Sikandar Baloch breathed his last in the mountains of his beloved motherland. The Pakistan army handed over his body to his family after three days. Sikandar Baloch was laid to rest as a hero beside his martyred father and brother in his family graveyard at Gomazi.

Baloch mothers are still singing lullabies in Baloch ancient tradition;

If you die a hero’s death,
I shall visit your grave,
In the best of attire and makeup.
Instead of mourning and lamenting
 I shall sing you a song of joy.
And shall proudly give birth
To another child exactly like you.

Listen, enemies of Baloch, our mothers will not give up singing the lullabies, every fallen freedom fighter will be born again, and our culture of resistance will crush and bury you in Balochistan.

Long Live Free and United Balochistan
Struggle Until Victory

Baloch Vanguards

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