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The illegality of legalities

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The ruling elites here often become destructively, intransigently and obdurately transfixed on issues like the ‘re-election of the president in uniform’, ‘writ of the state’, ‘sovereignty’ ‘fight against terrorism’ or ‘fixing up people’ at the expense of governance. Pursuing these goals obsessively, they simply forget their obligations to the people. They become obsessed with prolonging their misrule and the rest of the world can go to hell as far as they are concerned.

The other day Chaudary Aitzaz Ahsan was thrashing it out on TV with the new AG Malik Qayyum, the latest gift of the General to our hapless and unfortunate people, regarding the legality of the re-election of the General in uniform by these spineless and superfluous assemblies. I was truly surprised at the futility of the exercise; not because Aitzaz Ahsan was unconvincing or that he didn’t understand the finer points of the issue, but because hoping that the General or his coterie will see reason is wishful thinking. For one, they are more than convinced about his indispensability (certainly for themselves) and his right to rule and that they have plenty of loopholes in the laws to achieve their aim.

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