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Watta-satta: a soap opera

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The adage that ‘Marriages are made in heavens and suffered on earth’, is based on vast human experience and is generally accepted. What this axiom does not cover are the types of marriages that are not strictly marriages, because some marriages though marriages may not be marriages at all. In these types of marriages, the consequences are mostly suffered by those who have nothing to do with them. 

These are the marriages of conveniences, although these tend to produce more inconveniences than conveniences. In fact, their only offspring is inconvenience. Such marriages sometime become a necessity for the aspirant of the third term prime minister and include wooing a tyrant, who is totally unacceptable to the people, with the sole purpose of adorning the corridors of power under the name of democracy and making use of the acquired power trappings for personal ends. This action is an outrage against all political, moral and legal norms and is as reprehensible as it is unacceptable. 

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Mar 21: Shaheed Hameed Shaheen Baloch


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