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The hybrids

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

This blighted place has been run like a personal fiefdom by delusional military rulers who think they are politicians par excellence and civilians fanatically militaristic – hybrids that serve neither this nor that purpose. In fact, the hybrid incarnate is the military man who thinks he is a politician and a statesman. These hybrids wear two hats, have two skins and are a bane for the people. All assuming authority here instantly metamorphose into dictators because they know that the only way to more pelf and power is to ride roughshod over all decency, values and principles. 

They have always desperately sought to satisfy their cartels and constituencies. The problem has progressively increased in scope and magnitude because these lobbies have now assumed disproportionate influence. They have to satisfy the oversized egos and insatiable greed with lucrative and prestigious jobs. 

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