Thought Sana will also come One day – Says Sister of Shaheed Sana Sangat Baloch

Zarina Baloch, Sister of Martyred Baloch leader Sana Sangat didn’t participated in the funeral of his brother and remained in Karachi and prefers to continue her protest against the arbitrary abductions and extra-judicial killings of Baloch political activists by occupying Pakistani forces in Balochistan.

She says she realized to continue the protest to let the world know what is happening in Balochistan and she did not go to the funeral of his brother along with other relatives.

She said “They (the occupying forces of Pakistan) dumped the dead body of Shaheed Sana Sangat bearing wounds of 28 bullets and marks of severe and inhuman torture as if he (Shaheed Sana Sangat) had annihilated someone. I don’t consider it (Pakistan) an Islamic state” She added.

Sana’s only crime was demanding the just right for his people and the occupying forces abducted and killed him but they should keep in mind that if they kill one, hundreds of other Baloch will come and join the national struggle.

Shaheed Sana Sangat was abducted from Kolpure area of District Bolan on December 07, 2009 and his relatives tried all the possible ways for his release.

Sana was third among his five brothers and was unmarried.

Sana’s father is a Retail Merchant and he was present in the Karachi protest 3 days back. There he received the news of martyrdom of his son.

Haji Jan Mohammad told that during the last two years he visited every place, went before Supreme Court and High Court. Besides he also sought help from the commission which was set up for the recovery of missing persons and other than this attended four hearings before the Deputy Commissioner Dhadar but all this brought no result”

He said “On a face to face hearing with the Deputy Commissioner, a colonel had said they (The Missing Baloch) receive training in Afghanistan, commit crimes here and again return back to Afghanistan and they are not in our custody”

Haji Jan Mohammad said the Commissioner also had a picture of his son and i know that the intelligence agencies of Pakistan have abducted him however since some months we started hoping his release.

Four Baloch with Sana Sangat in custody of Pakistani forces were released and Sana gave them those contacts of mine and his brother. They contacted, met us and told that Sana is alive. WE THOUGHT SANA WILL ALSO COME ONE DAY – said Zarina Baloch.

Another Baloch political leader from Mastung, Zakir Majeed is also missing from 2009. His sister Farzana Baloch says during a hearing in Supreme court of Pakistan, its chief justice solace her to go home, her brother will come but there are only dead bodies coming homes.

“My mother is critically ill, she is worried about his son a lot, whenever we hear about the recovery of bullet-riddled dead bodies of Baloch missing persons, we fear the same for my missing brother” Said Farzana

In recent weeks, the issue of Balochistan is raised on local and international levels; a sub-committee of US Congress has expressed concerns over the human rights violations in Balochistan. Pakistan called the US hearing an “ill-advised” one and a unanimous resolution was submitted in the National Assembly of Pakistan against it.

Chairman of Voice for Baloch Baloch Missing Persons Abdul Qadeer Baloch adjudge these killings as a reaction of US concerns. He says “We do not hope a halt in recovery of bullet-riddled dead bodies in Balochistan because when the occupying forces were attacked in Chamalang, Balochistan. We received 5 corpses in reaction”.

Sources: BBC URDU and Gulzameen

Note: correction made in the date of abduction and the name of the district .

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