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Expecting berries from acacia trees

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The elite and the rulers here are socially, politically, economically and temperamentally programmed, geared, fine-tuned and cultivated for rampant and uninhibited loot and plunder of the exchequer, the people, the resources – in short anything that will bring them profits. The saleable commodities include their consciences, the national sovereignty, the peoples’ rights, decency, decorum and even their souls if a handsome profit is expected.

Therefore, it is not surprising that now the priorities of the state are other than the welfare of the people because their pillage and plunder has now increased in scope and magnitude and has been raised to an art form in which the elite indulges with élan and abandon. The more windfall profits they can illegally acquire, the more their insatiable greed is whetted. Their propensity to plunder has spiralled totally out of control quite beyond the inadequate mechanisms that were supposed to keep such predatory depredations in check. The loot and plunder is becoming more organised and systematic, it seems they have learnt a lesson or two from the follies of the past rulers that saw ‘red warrants’ being issued against them.

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