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Jan 25: Remembering Umar, Naseer, Qadir Bakhsh & Martyrs of Mass Graves of Tutak

1Remembering Martyrs of Mass Graves of Tutak

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January 24, 2022 · 3:28 am

Jan 25: Remembering the Mass Graves of Tutak, Balochistan

1Remembering Martyrs of Mass Graves of BalochistanCan humanitarian relief be imagined in an atmosphere of continued human rights abusive? Can humanitarian operation be imagined alongside of military operation? Can disaster relief center be imagined in the midst of a mass grave?

People living in a civilized society can’t imagine how a death squad can organize a disaster relief center, how a military operation can be managed in the name of humanitarian operation and why people start to migrate to save their lives from the so-called humanitarian relief using helicopter gunships in aerial bombardments over villages.

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