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Who calls the shots here? – III

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

It is the corrupt and predatory ruling elite that calls the shots here and decides the fate of this country and, with it, of the teeming millions who have no say in how the affairs of state are run; they have to suffer for the self-serving policies of the elite. The elite has become so obsessed with its righteousness that it has clamped shut all doors of dialogue and considers force the only option in dealing with the people.

The policies of the intransigent elite have failed utterly, creating resentment and discontent, which now have become tangible and begun to be expressed in all manner and mode. The new monolithic nationalism as envisaged by the ruling elite has not only failed to take root, it has become a point of divergence for the different nationalities, simply because the wilful imposition of this nationalism is considered to be the source of their sufferings. People cannot be expected to throw out as excess baggage their cultures, histories and national sentiments for the new nationalism that has only succeeded in providing them with miseries.

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