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Who calls the shots here? – I

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

No entity, group, nation or state, whatever the basis for its creation or existence, can have a priority over the intrinsic rights of the people it integrates to itself for supposedly higher and noble aims. Imposition of languages, culture, ethics and values, however lofty in the eyes of the imposer, cannot be justified on any grounds be they religious, social, economic or political. Such unjust impositions will always be the cause of the myriad problems that will confront them at every turn and will keep cropping up with increased vigour and frequency with the passage of time because of the incompatible nature of their association.

Authoritarianism and disregard for rights is a malady that has afflicted all the powerful individuals, groups, and nations throughout history. It doesn’t seem anomalous to them and they consider it as an inherent right for themselves, regardless of what the oppressed and browbeaten people think of the injustices labelled as national interest being forced down their unwilling throats.

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