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The lukewarm charter

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Balanced civil-military relations are essential for the success of not only a state, but also of any society or civilization. Whenever and wherever the military has gained predominance and influence disproportionate to its real value and usefulness; there the inexorable and inevitable rot has set in, leading to eventual degeneration, downfall and disintegration of that entity. This is exactly what we see unfolding here. The predominance of the military here has been the core problem but it has never ever even been examined, let alone challenged.

The military here has not only acquired enormous economic, political and social supremacy but has also institutionalized it, and therein lies the problem. It no longer considers the power, pelf and privileges it enjoys as a favour from the nation, but considers it an inheritance which is non-negotiable. It has gradually increased its influence and involvement in affairs of state and become the sole repository of political, social and economic power.

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