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Talk on Jabal and BPLF Teaching tool  – Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

 Dear Friends,

The importance of a Journal like the ‘Jabal’ of the Baloch Peoples Liberation Front (BPLF) may be lost upon and be entirely incomprehensible to generations that have the news and views at their fingertips and live in an era when dissemination of news and views is no longer the sole monopoly and prerogative of States.

Today’s world is very different from the world of 70s; then dissemination of news and views was controlled by state and it successfully suppressed truth and disseminated lies unchallenged and it was this situation which needed to be countered forcefully and prompted the birth of ‘Jabal’; to present the alternate narrative of the people in contrast to the State’s lies and untruths. Those who came up with ‘Jabal’ understood that “As long as Hunters wrote History only the Hunters would be Glorified”. Jabal was the narrative of the hunted and it fulfilled its obligation admirably.

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