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Silence is golden

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Though a lot has been said and written about the General’s book promotion trip to the USA and many have justifiably vented their anger at the gross misuse of taxpayers’ money and of self-delegated authority, not much has been said about the media’s role in such visits. Along with the seventy-plus top heavy official delegation, cavorting and carousing in the US at our expense for three weeks, there was a big contingent of media persons. The official media persons certainly must have been enjoying themselves at our expense. It remains a mystery if non-official media persons representing various media groups too were fulfilling their responsibilities at our cost. It certainly would be interesting to know who footed the bill for whom. The total cost to the national exchequer will be partly known when questions are raised in the Assembly, but the damage done to the country’s already tarnished image will never be assessed because that is not quantifiable.

We usually get a lopsided picture of these visits because the official media obscures the real issues. Credit should be given to those journalists who stay committed to honest reporting in spite of various pressures. It is their unwavering commitment and comments that keep the media free of shackles and lend respect and credibility to it. Their reports present the true picture and we should be grateful to them.

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