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No regrets

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The subcontinent has a long history and a strong tradition of dynastic rulers. The rulers since independence have always invoked those images, values and times. That we do not have monarchy still has not been for the lack of effort on their part. The Generals, on the other hand, unable to invoke a dynasty, have depended on Nadir Shahism (the word Bonapartism doesn’t quite convey the real subcontinental flavour). These historical hangovers and pantomimes have played an important role in determining the way we have been governed.

A very distressing and anti-people method of governance has been the end result of these attitudes; good governance requires institutional policy making, decision taking, and a policy implementation system. It also demands unimpeachable integrity on the part of those who wield power; a culture of tolerance and open-mindedness is equally indispensable. Without these crucial elements we end up with the chaos, confusion and corruption which have become the hallmarks of governance in this Citadel of Islam.

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