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Sept 06: Shaheed Advocate Zaman Khan Marri

Wronged souls don’t vanish: an obituary of Zaman Khan Marri – By Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur


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Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

We are happy to announce good news to the fans of Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur and our readers that every Sunday we will publish an article of Waja Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur. His last article published in Pakistan’s so-called mainstream media was “Gwadar conundrum” which was published on 21 Nov 2015 in Daily Times. It is fortunate for us that all his articles are preserved in his official app “Ustad Talpur” from which we will select an article datewise starting from his bio which is published in it.  

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur was born to Mir Ali Ahmed Talpur in Hyderabad on the 31st of December 1945 in the city of Hyderabad at their ancestral place. The Talpur family of Hyderabad ruled Sindh from 1783 to February 17th 1843 when they lost it to Britain after the Battle of Miani where more than 6000 Baloch lost their lives defending Sindh. It wouldn’t be out of place to mention that Talpurs came to Sindh around 1670 from Bhurgra which is in Dera Ghazi Khan which though illegally made part of Punjab in 1952 was Balochistan and is still considered as such by Baloch. The Talpur though having stayed for around 350 years haven’t lost touch with their Baloch ancestry and Mir Mohammad Ali grew up hearing his father say that ‘I am first a Baloch and only then a Muslim’.

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Sept 06: Shaheed Mukhtar Baloch

اتوار کو تمپ میں کیا ہوا تھا؟

(News from BBC Urdu – Sept 09, 2009)

Shaheed Mukhtar Baloch

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