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New Political Shift of Afghanistan and it’s impacts on Balochistan: Mir Muhammad Ali Talpur

Baloch Solidarity Committee held a seminar at Quetta Press Club on 15 July 2021 titled “The changing conditions of Afghanistan and its impact on Balochistan” in which Baluchistan National Party leader Haji Lashkari Raisani, Baloch intellectuals and writer Dr. Din Mohammad Bardar, Senior Politician Advocate Sajid Tareen, PhD Scholar Saifullah Nasir and Senior Politician Tahir Hazara addressed while Dr. Mahrang Baloch read the paper of Baloch Intellectual Mir Muhammad Ali Talpur on the topic in the seminar.

Before I talk about the topic under discussion at this seminar I, want to remind all that today it is the 15th of July and 61 years ago today Battay Khan Zarakzai, Sabzal Khan Zarakzai and Ghulam Rasool Nechari were hanged at Sukkur Jail while Jam Jamal Khan Zehri, Masti Khan Musiyani, Wali Mohammad Zarakzai, and Bahawal Khan Musiyani were hanged at Hyderabad Jail after summary trials for their act of resisting the injustices in Balochistan. My eternal and unqualified respect for them and Respected Nawab Nauroz Khan; the Baloch Nation will forever be indebted to these Brave Sons of Motherland.

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