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May 02: Shaheed Fida Ahmed Baloch

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May 2, 2021 · 7:10 am

Baloch Identity And Battles: Book Explains Balochistan’s Centrality In A Period Of Chinese Ascendance

by R Jagannathan

  • This is a great book about a great people caught in the vortex of great power rivalries in a strategic piece of real estate that links south Asia to West Asia.
  • Jain has done us a great service by bringing the plight and fight of the Baloch to our notice.

Balochistan: In The Crosshairs of History. Sandhya Jain. KW Publishers Pvt Ltd. Price Rs 1,560. Pages 332. Hard cover. An e-book version is also available.

The tragedy of being situated on the highways of history, if you happen to occupy a valuable piece of real estate with a small population footprint, is that you may ultimately be only roadkill for the global powers that are steamrolling through.

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