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Siraj Raisani – the patriot or a tyrant?

Tehreek e Nifaz-e-Aman was widely attributed to Siraj Raisani, of which he reportedly himself had also bloated about in many tribal meetings

Miran Mazar – Chief Editor TBP

On a cold night of a January, armed men barged into house in a cul-de-sec and within minutes an elderly man was taken out of the house. He was forced onto his knees and a bullet was fired in his temple. The old man dropped on his face and blood gushed onto his beard. No questions were asked and the elderly man was not told any of his crimes. The cold summary execution lasted for few minutes only. The armed men jumped back into their vehicles and disappeared in the dead of night, leaving behind only the thick smoke of SUVs, a bleeding body and a family wretched for eternity.

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