Mother & 2 sisters of missing 10-year-old Baloch boy ‘taken away’ by Pakistani Forces #SaveBalochWoman

BALOCHISTAN: Mother and two sisters of a missing Baloch child have also been ‘taken away’ by Pakistani security forces, The Balochistan Post has learned from reliable sources.

The ‘heart-wrenching’ incident happened yesterday (22 July 2018) in Alangi, Mashkay.

According to sources, Personnel of Pakistani security forces in various vehicles raided house of Allah Baksh, and forcibly took away 55-year-old Noor Malik, and her two daughters 22-year-old Haseena and 18-year-old Sameena.

Noor Malik’s 10-year-old son, Zameer, was arrested on 3rd July 2018 by Pakistani security forces. Zameer has since been missing with no trace.

‘I am very angry about this. This is very distressing, they first picked up the young kid. Her mother and sisters had been in miserable condition since, and instead of bringing back their son, they took away the elderly woman and her young daughters,’ a local of Alangi village told TBP’s correspondent.

Zameer Baloch

‘Baloch women are highly respected in Baloch society, and dishonoring them in such a lowly manner is direct attack on our esteem and social fabric,’ a local Baloch activist told TBP.

Baloch campaign groups and local human rights organisations have accused Pakistani security forces of ‘abducting’ Baloch women and children in past too.

In April 2018, a local media outlet claimed that as many as 40 women and children, belonging to the same family, were under custody of Pakistani military and its local death squads in Mashkay.

In June 2018, Pakistani security forces were accused of raping Baloch women in Rakshan Naag. According to reports, a pregnant woman lost her unborn child due to the rape.

Khalil Baloch, the chairman of Balochistan’s largest pro-independence mass organisation BNM, had said that the women in Rakshan were forcibly shifted to an army camp, where they were sexually assaulted and tortured by military men, which resulted in miscarriage of at least one pregnant woman.

Different Baloch political groups, including BSO-A and BNM had protested in London and other European cities against the abductions and rape of Baloch women.

Courtesy: TBP

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