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پنجگور: اجتماعی قبر سے لاشیں برآمد

پنجگور میں اجتماعی قبر سے 4 لاشیں برآمد

دی بلوچستان پوسٹ ویب ڈیسک کے مطابق پنجگور کے علاقے پروم سے اجتماعی قبر سے چار افراد کی لاشیں برآمد ہوئی ہیں۔

لیویز ذرائع کے مطابق پروم کے علاقے درگِ دپ میں لیویز اہلکاروں کو ایک اجتماعی قبر سے چار افراد کی ناقابل شناخت لاشیں ملی ہیں، جنہیں سول ہسپتال منتقل کردیا گیا ہے۔

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Violent Extremist or Political Candidate? In Pakistan Election, You Can Be Both

Aurangzeb Farooqi, a leader of a radical group called Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat

KARACHI, Pakistan — Aurangzeb Farooqi is a leader of a political party that is banned in Pakistan for espousing sectarian violence. He faces charges of spreading religious hatred that was linked to the murders of several Shiite activists.

He is also a candidate for national political office, running with the blessing of Pakistani courts.

Mr. Farooqi is among several candidates with ties to Islamist extremist groups who were the subject of last-ditch petitions by activists seeking to bar them from contesting elections this month. An election tribunal threw out those petitions last month, claiming there were not enough valid complaints to justify barring the candidates.

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Baluch Activist Arrested By Iran One Month Ago Held In Unknown Location

A Baluch man has staged a sit-in since July 16 at the city’s mosque, as the location of his son arrested over protesting mass rape of 41 women has remained unknown for nearly one month, Baluch Activists Campaign reported on Monday.

In a video clip circulated on social media, Gholam Ghader Bozorgzadeh expressed despair about his son’s situation, declaring that he is resuming his sit-in, demanding the authorities to reveal the location of his son, Abullah Bozorgzadeh.

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