Gwadar thirsty never forever

In Balochistan, the Baloch nation is facing the curse of slavery from 27th March 1948

By Saaho Baloch

Gwadar is a small district in Makuran as compared to other districts of Balochistan. The estimated population of Gwadar is 263,514. It has a small to medium-sized settlement with an economy largely based on artisanal fishing port.

The strategic value of its location was first recognized in 1954 when it was identified as a suitable site for a deep seaport. On April 2015, Pakistan and China announced their intentions to develop the $46 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC); however, the estimated budget was increased to $51 billion later. Recently, according to a US based report, published last month, Pakistan has given permission to China to build a military base in Jiwani area, which is on a par to the strategic Gwadar port being developed by China.

The concerns on the other hand intensified, as Baloch freedom fighters (the pro-independent organizations) mentioned from the initial day that Baloch would never allow the Chinese vested investments in Balochistan. In Balochistan, the Baloch nation is facing the curse of slavery from 27th March 1948, which is considered as the occupation day. From the day of annexation it has been more than 70 years, the Baloch freedom fighters are struggling hard to push back the Pakistani forces’ out of its homeland.

The One Belt One Road (ABOR), an initiative from China, has been rejected from the inception day by Baloch which connects Gwadar and Kashgar area of China going via various link roads.

Despite of all such deterrents, Pakistan alongside the government of China and its vested interests initiated every possible move to make CPEC a successful project. The State operators adopted the policy of making the local people leave the ancestor homes and join the increasing huge internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Balochistan. They are also creating fear among the public through enforced disappearance and extra judicially killing.

Though CPEC has been termed as a fate changer project for the region, however, the people of Gwadar and its adjacent limited population are facing an acute shortage of water, even a bottle of drinking water is worth precious. With every passing day the situation is getting worst for the local people. The people of Gwadar staged demonstration and protested that attracted the attention of people from entire Pakistan and region as well. However the administration and concerned authorities have failed to address the serious issue of water shortage in the city.

However, the available facts tell another story. In reality this is a well-orchestrated plan to systematically convince the native people those who are not selling their lands to outsiders, to sell their land and migrate to other parts of Balochistan. This is a tactical move from Pakistan to accommodate the settlers in Gwadar replacing the local people. The distillation plant can provide the need of the current demand for water in Gwadar which is nearly 6 million gallons per day (MGD). Hence the concerned authorities are showing no interest to make it functional and tackle the shortage of water in the area.

This episode of water shortage in Gwadar show that Pakistan is only interested with the land and resources of Balochistan no its people, so it can make Baloch nation its slave and continue its colonial rule in Balochistan.

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