Pakistan Army is a possible threat to the world peace

Pakistan Army with its religious extremist mindset is not only a threat to Baloch people but it is a ‘nursery of terrorism’ for the region and a hovering threat to the world peace

Asghar Ali

Pervez Musharraf, military dictator and ex-president of Pakistan in an interview with a private TV channel revealed that Shahid Aziz Lt. General (R) of Pakistan army had been killed fighting alongside of ISIS in Syria. However, some sources believe that he via Quetta he moved to Afghanistan; joined Taliban, and possibly been killed in Afghanistan. Hence, his family members are denying the report: his son, Zeeshan Aziz Major (R) categorically rejects that, he said his father is alive and went to Africa with a Tableegi Jamaith (Islamic preaching group).

Shahid Aziz, a four stars officer of Pakistan army served in several Key posts such as Director General Military operation (DGMO), Chief of General Staff (CGS); when Pakistan tested nuclear atomic bomb in Chaghi, Balochistan in 1998, he was the Director of Military Operation Directorate. He also remained the Chairman of National Accountability Buru (NAB). Retired General Asad Durrani who was also Ex-Director-General of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in his coauthored book  “The Spy  Chronicles: RAW,ISI  and the Illusion of Peace” said that Shahid Aziz was a key figure in orchestrating Kargil war, and he was  among “co-conspirators” of Pervez Musharraf in toppling the Nawaz Sharif’s  government.

Shahid Aziz several times in electronic media expressed his intentions for supporting Taliban in Afghanistan, and was strongly against USA policies regarding war on terror. He even argued in favor of barbaric Taliban regime under Mullah Omer and supported their draconian laws like plugging women and beheading of people. Above all, he aspired for a similar governmental structure in Pakistan. He envisioned, once Islamic extremist group take the control of country, then they can easily access to nuclear atomic bomb, and use those nuclear weapons to destroy the infidels: the west and USA ‘Dajjal’ the real evil.

Unfortunately this episode of Shahid Aziz is not an exceptional case, there is a long list of Pakistan Army officers from top to bottom, and those have either joined terrorist organizations or supported the extremist ideology. In this respect, colonial Imam is another prominent name that fought against NATO forces with Taliban in post 9/11 era. More interestingly, colonial Imam was the first man who during Benazir Bhutto’s government shipped the first convoy of Pakistan’s military support to Mullah Omer by arming him and his Taliban against tattering Afghan government to drill Pakistan’s strategic depth deep into the land of Afghanistan. Likewise, Major Haroon joined Al Qaeda, and also worked under Ilyas Kashmiri who was training Kashmiri Mujahedeen for terrorist activities in India.  Major Haroon also continuously attacked NATO supply to Afghanistan. Further, he facilitated Zakiur Rahman, the mastermind of November 26, 2008 Mumbai attack. Major Haroon even convinced several other army officers ‘to take part in the battle against NATO in Afghanistan, took them to the Pakistani tribal areas and trained them in modern guerrilla warfare.’  Later on, he earned the displeasure of Pakistan Army by targeting GHQ Mess in Rawalpindi which resulted in killing of several army officers. As a result of this he was arrested in February 2009 in Islamabad on a ransom case. Probably the arrest of Major Haroon was face saving tactic of Pakistan army to dupe the world regarding the dual face of Pakistan Army.

Captain Kurrum, the younger brother of Major Haroon also joined Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), and went to Kashmir and trained there. Afterward, he was killed in Pushtun area of Balochistan, besides of this,     there is an unending list of Pakistan army’s top brace officers like Hamid Gul General (r) DG-ISI, Pervez Musharraf, ex-Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Shuji Pasha DG-ISI, all them admitted that Islamic extremist groups like Taliban, Haqqani Network, LeT and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi are their strategic assets and, one way or another way they supported those terrorist outfits.

In this regard, on 27th May Husain Haqqani the author of  “Pakistan between Military and Mosque” in his article “From Key Pakistani general to ISIS terrorist ‘Killed’ in Jihad, the Chilling saga of Shahid Aziz” published in online paper “ The Print”  though he does not put all the weight on army’s shoulders but he draws the attentions toward a similar grave situations emerging in the ranks of Pakistan army  by stating, “ The stories of these officers should ring alarm bells among the top echelons of Pakistan armed forces.”

This is the real tipping of iceberg; International community must be wary of such possibility. Connection with this, Baloch pro-freedom nationalist political parties time and again kept telling the world that Pakistan is a terrorist state and its army is backing terrorism across the region; as well, Pakistan Army with its religious extremist mindset is not only a threat to Baloch people but it is a ‘nursery of terrorism’ for the region and a hovering threat to the world peace.

Like Baloch nationalist leaders and pro-freedom political parties, the newly emerging young leader of Pushtun, Manzoor Pushteen and his colleagues also vociferously claim that Pakistan Army is backing Islamic terrorists in Waziristan and protecting their sanctuaries in the areas; on contrary, Security forces of Pakistan are conducting operation against common civilian to dodge USA.

All these evidence suggest that Pakistan Army has a track record of supporting terrorist organizations and creating proxies, like Taliban in Afghanistan, LeT in Kashmir against India, Da’esh and other proxies in occupied Balochistan against Baloch nationalist, and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi against Hazara community to stir up sectarian violence in Balochistan. Similarly, policy of dividing Taliban into “good Taliban and bad Taliban” by Pakistan is a grievous theme for the world to reconsider its policy toward Pakistan.

The writer is a political activist, literary critics and a freelance journalist, he can be reached at

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