Pakistani forces attack protest camp against enforced disappearances in Sindh

ANI  |  Karachi [Pakistan] | May 20, 2018: Pakistani forces have attacked the protest camp settled by the families of missing Sindhi political activists abducted by the and the (ISI).

The families of missing Sindhi political activists conducted a three-day hunger strike camp in front of Karachi press club Sunday morning.

The protest camp was joined by various political parties and human rights organizations including Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM), Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz -A, JSQM-B, AWP, Human Rights Commission of (HRCP), and others.

The Police and Rangers circled the camp in afternoon and unleashed baton-charge against the protestors. The protesters resisted the action and many of them got injured and some were arrested by the forces.

The protestors led by and Sorath Lohar, the daughters of missing Hidayat Lohar, later marched towards press club and protested the action.

told the media that police and rangers attacked the protest camp unprovoked, tortured the attendants and tore her clothes on resistance.

She added that although the camp was settled for 72 hours, now will continue until their missing relatives are not released.

The activists raised the slogans of “yeh jo dehshatgardi hai, is ke peechy wardi hai” after the attack.

condemned the use of force against the protestors in a live session.

He said, “The state forces have violated the sanctity of Sindhi values and democratic right to protest the state-inflicted violations of human rights in Sindh. The act of tearing the clothes of women, dragging them on the roads and torturing the protestors is an act of aggression, violence, and fascism. Sindhi, Baloch, and Pashtuns are under the occupation of Punjabi civil-military establishment in the unnatural, undemocratic, forced framework of 

“The Pakistani forces are committing utter fascism and apartheid against Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtun national movements while this theocratic Islamo-fascist Pakistani state is patronizing and sponsoring the radical Islamist terrorist forces,” he added.

He also appealed to all Sindhi political organizations and nation to mobilize and protest the fascist actions of Pakistani forces and state in solidarity with the families of missing Sindhi political activists.

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