A Rotten Fish Spoils The Whole Pond

Pakistan Army has unleashed Islamic terrorist organizations and it proxies not only in India and Pakistan but also in Balochistan

By Ali Asghar

The three times ex-prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif in an interview with Pakistani English newspaper Dawn has made shocking revelation that Pakistan army is behind the terrorist activities in India and Afghanistan. He also admitted that in reality  the elected government is not solely running the country rather there  are two other governments in the country besides an elected government, as he explained, “ you cannot run a country if you have two or three parallel governments.”  He was pinpointing that Pakistan is not only ruled by the army as a parallel government but non- state actors: terrorist organizations like Lashker-e-Taiba, Taliban and other terrorists’ proxies that have the backing of army also reigning in country.

This is a real high time for USA and other world bodies to take the notice of this grave situation in Pakistan. Baloch pro freedom political parties had already tried to divert the world attention toward this perilous situation. They kept telling the world that Pakistan Army has unleashed Islamic terrorist organizations and it proxies not only in India and Pakistan but also in Balochistan where they are engaged in  radicalization of the liberal society of Baloch people so that it may work as a toll to counter  the ever growing support for a free Balochistan.

Similarly these proxies’ organizations of Pakistan Army are directly involved in targeting Zikri community of Baloch and Hazara Community, Hindu minority and Christian, in an attempt to defile the transparent movement of a free Balochistan into a sectarian violence in the occupied Balochistan. Taliban, Daiesh, predominantly known as ISIS, Lashker-e- Taiba, Lashker-e- Jangvi and other terrorist out fits are enjoying the full support of Pakistan Army in Balochistan; even, they many a time carried out joint operations in various part of Balochistan that result in killing of unarmed civilian and abducting hundreds of children, students, aged and women that are still languishing in the torture cells of Pakistani intelligence agencies.  Unfortunately, their voices went unnoticed by the international community so far so now.

In this regards advocated Jalila Haider, from Hazara community in Balochistan, had set in hunger strikes till death by questioning the role of army in the killing of her community people in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan. She claims more than 3000 Hazaras have been killed in various terrorist attack for last fifteen years or so, carried out by Islamic terrorist organization that are openly operating with the tacit approval of Army and its intelligence agencies, Even paramilitary forces Frontier Crops (FC)  personals patrol  to protect the rallies and demonstrations of such Islamic organizations.

Manzoor Pashteen, a 26 years old, is another human rights activist who has been, now on, under the banner of Pashtun Tahfouz Movement (PTM) challenging the role of army in Pushtun areas. Rather, he is openly reckoning his finger towards Pakistan army that Pakistan Army has been protecting and supporting terrorists’ organization Taliban, Al Queida and other terrorist outfits.  He claims that Pakistan is making Pushtun as scapegoat in the “dollar game” by targeting innocent civilian to accumulate wealth from USA in the name of operations against terrorist organizations in the areas;  on contrary, it is protecting the Taliban and its leaders and killing and abducting unarmed civilian to fool USA and NATO forces.

Even the tale of Sindhi nationalist is not different; hundreds of Sindhi political and social activists have been either, like Baloch nationalist, killed or abducted by intelligence agencies of Pakistan. In short Pakistan is portraying a grave picture that excluding Punjabi which make the 51 percent of population of the country but the smallest province area wise, all the ethnic and religious minorities, whether Baloch, Sindhi, Pushtun, Hazara , Christian and Hindus are,  one way or another way, bearing the brunt of this unnatural state and its uncultured Punjabi army which is vanguard  of Punjabi interest.

Mr. Nawaz Sharif also revealed that Pakistan army is directly behind terrorist attack in India, “Militant organizations are active. Call them non-state actors. Should we allow them (terrorist) to cross the border and kill 150 people in Mumbai?” he was referring the incident of 26th November 2008 Mumbai attacks, when Pakistan military backed proxy terrorist organization of Lashkar-e- Taiba of internationally banned terrorist Hafiz Saeed’s, penetrated into India, wreak havoc by killing 150 innocent people among them some were also foreigners and more than 300 were wounded.

Similarly from ex-President of Afghanistan Hamid Karazia to president government of Asharif Ghani, time and again reiterating that Pakistan is directly involved in destabilization of Afghanistan. All the resurfacing of Taliban and Daiesh in Afghan territory that are targeting Afghan and USA army are being sponsored and trained by Pakistan army. Interestingly, wherever in the world is any act of terrorist, 90 percent of its links go to Pakistan.

It is high time for the world powers and international bodies to redraws theirs policy towards Pakistan. And let find safe path for ethnic nations that could breathe in a free atmosphere and chain Pakistan that cannot create pandemonium in the world theater.

The writer is a political activist, literary critics and a freelance journalist, he can be reached at dasthibalochia@gmail.com

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