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Pakistan: A Discourse Upon the Countdown to Dissolution

The fact is that across Balochistan, Sindh and the Pashtun areas enforced disappearances and extra-judicial kill and dump has now become common practice.

Bibi Mahdim Baluch

Significant senior US Foreign and Defence Intelligence analysts have forecast the total collapse of Pakistan by 2025. It now appears that the developing ground realities across its main provinces are supportive of just such a prediction. The appeal to a common religious framework is backfiring as all and sundry now face a ruthless onslaught by Punjab’s armed forces and their sponsored Islamist proxies. As a consequence, the historically disparate federal fault lines are becoming fully exposed and are upon the brink of dissolution and will pave the way for a series of new states in one of the most geo-politically strategic parts of the world.

Pakistan’s hegemons have never relinquished absolute authoritarian control over the other provinces from their main centres of power in the Punjab. As such the terms Pakistan and Punjab have become interchangeable denoting the same oligarchy, whose elitist rulers function primarily from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. They have been the guardians of its constitutional framework from inception and have across successive generations perpetuated one of the most thriving kleptocracies in the modern world.

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