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May 01: International Labour Day

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April 30, 2018 · 3:00 pm

Who is knocking the Door?

“Pakistan army enjoys the largest sum of GDP in the name of defence; However, could not protect us from a unleashed bands of thugs”Jalila Haider

Ali Asghar

After 2004 Quetta carnage  when Ashura procession was attacked which left 50 dead and more than 100 wounded (all of victims were from Hazara community), once again Hazara community in Balochistan came under intensive attacks in 2011 apparently by Sunni extremist groups Lashkar-e- Jangvi, and its affiliates which enjoy the backing of Pakistan Army. In reaction of incessant killings of their loved ones, Hazaras  set in a protest at Quetta with their corpses and refused to bury the dead bodies till the government wouldn’t arrest  the culprits and provide them justice. Ironically, then Chief Minister of Balochistan Aslam Raissani commented, “ what can I do, to provide you trucks load of tissue papers to wipe yours tears.” perhaps his remarks was a laughing stock for Pakistani media and its  viewers, in reality Raissani  meant more than that— a clear message to tell that civilian government was acting as a puppet that threads were being pulled somewhere else – General Headquarters (GHQ).

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