Balochistan: Female educationist forcibly evicted from her house

BALOCHISTAN: The Pakistani police have forcibly evicted a female educationist from her house on Sunday in the city of Quetta – the capital of Balochistan.

Sources reported that the police raided the house of Prof. Dr Shagufta Iqbal in her absence and tried to arrest her son. The police barged into her house without any search warrant and threatened her children before throwing her belongings outside.

She is apparently, the only female grade 21 government official of not just the Education Department, but the whole of Balochistan. She has been serving the underprivileged female students of Balochistan for the past 35 years from her salary.

Currently, the Principal of Jinnah Town Girl’s College, Quetta, is now forced to sit under open sky outside the Press Club.

In a brief video message, she said that she has been facing difficulties from past five years because she’s a single parent. She said she spent half of her salary for the education of her children and with another half, she helped poor girls to get education.

She said has a PhD in Molecular Biology but she spent 35 years in educating girls in Balochistan.

She said at present she doesn’t own any property, nor does she have a house or any bank balance.

Sitting outside Quetta Press Club with her children she said, ‘I have no demands. I have only one question. Is this the reward I get for my entire life’s hard work and struggle? If so, thank you this society!’

A Facebook user, Sanna Gharshin, wrote, ‘I am really sad to hear this. An honest woman who is not only bringing up her kids alone as a single parent but [also] helping other girls with Quality education. She is being taken out of her govt residence because she refused to put her hands in Corruption.

We want justice for Professor Dr. Shagufta Iqbal Principal Girls degree college Jinnah town Quetta. Help us get her justice, do not ignore at least spread this around; your words might reach any powerful authority.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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