Iran: Baloch Children Deprived Of Education In Sistan And Baluchistan Province

The governor of a town in Sistan and Baluchestan Province says the majority of those children deprived of education do not have identification documents.

Homeira Rigi, the Governor of Qasre Qand who is the first female governor of Iran, talked to ILNA about the high percentage of children and teenagers deprived of education in the province.

“A high percentage of those who have been deprived of education do not have birth certificates and identification documents. Some of them are Iranians who have not been able to attain these documents due to economic problems and cultural issues and some are foreign nationals who share a border with Sistan and Baluchistan and live here. Their children are born in Iran. And others marry Iranian women and their children do not have a nationality”, she said.

However, not having an ID is not the only problem of educationally deprived children. According to Rigi, the low age of marriage among girls is one of the reasons for their dropout. Livelihood issues and poverty are another reason why children are deprived of education.

The Governor also said that the unavailability of educational centers for deprived children was yet another reason these children did not attend school.

In June 2017, Alireza Nakhi, the Director General of Education in Sistan and Baluchestan said that 169,000 children had been identified in the province who are in need of education.

Courtesy: Iran-Human Right Monitor (iran-hrm) 

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