Remembering Abdul Rahman Arif and Mahbob Ali Wadhela

Mahboob Wadhela and Abdulrahman Arif

We shall not be Silenced, We shall not Forget, We shall not Retreat, We shall not Surrender

Occupying forces can never win heart and minds of a colonized nation. Their weapons of choice are fear, annihilation and demographic change for subduing it and eliminating the seeds of resistance.

By calling themselves “Sarmachar” Baloch freedom fighters have eliminated the psychology of fear. Sarmachar literally means “a person who does not care about his head” in other words fearless of death.

Be it the resistance from the mountains of Balochistan or on the streets, Baloch activists have stood tall against the brutality of Pakistan. Sacrificing their precious life they have proven worthy of being called Sarmachars.

Abdul Rahman Arif and Mahboob Ali Wadhela are two names among thousands of Baloch who were tortured killed and then their body dumped in desolated place throughout Balochistan and Karachi in the continuing “Kill and Dump” policy by Pakistan.

Abdul Rahman Arif was a teacher, born in 1966 to Waja Ghulam Hussain Baloch in Gwadar. After graduating in Arts (BA) from Jamia Millia College Malir, Karachi he became a teacher in Model School, Gwadar. A staunch advocate of an Independent Balochistan he joined Nawab Akbar Bugti in the struggle for freedom. At the time of his abduction from Ranchore Line, Karachi on 3 September 2010, where he had gone for getting medical treatment for a family member, he was the President of Gwadar chapter of Baloch Republican Party (BRP).

Mahboob Ali Wadhela was born to Waja Baig Mohammed Baloch in Malir, Karachi on 11 September 1973. He joined the Baloch Student Organization (BSO) when he was a student at Jamia Millia School Malir, Karachi. After doing his intermediate from Government Degree College Memon Goth, he enrolled in Atta Shad Degree College Turbat from where he graduated in Arts (BA). He started his own business in Gwadar after his graduation.

Despite close contact with Chairman Ghulam Mohammed from his student years he remained in National Party which he had joined after graduation. He supported the Baloch freedom cause in his personal capacity whenever needed and with whatever way he could. When Chairman Ghulam Mohammed was brutally tortured and killed with his other two comrades Lala Muneer and Sher Mohammed in April 2009, Wadhela joined Baloch Nation Movement (BNM) and tirelessly campaigned for Baloch freedom cause till his abduction from Karachi on 2 April 2010. His abduction was witnessed by people as he was abducted by Pakistani state from Yousuf Goth while traveling from a public bus towards Gwadar from Karachi. He was the first among many Baloch activist of Gwadar to be abducted by the Pakistani state intelligences agency.

This was the time when BSO, BRP and BNM from the platform of Baloch National Front (BNF) had started an awareness campaign regarding Pakistani state’s so-called Mega-Projects and top on the list of these Mega-Projects was Gwadar Port.

Martyrdom of Ghulam Mohammed, Lala Muneer and Sher Mohammed galvanized the Baloch youth of the costal belt especially from Gwadar to spread the awareness in the Baloch masses about Pakistani state strategy.

Lala Hameed, Ahmed Dad, Comrade Abdul Qayum, Naseer Kamalan, Arif Noor, Yousif Nazar, Siddiq Eidho, Abdul Rahman Arif and Mahboob Ali Wadhela were among the main leaders who organized the Baloch youth in the costal belt of Balochistan. Less experienced, but bold and energetic, they overcame their short comings with their collective leadership and courage. They attracted the international media, BBC and Al Jazeera interviewed them and made a documentary about Balochistan.

This all went well for the Baloch cause, but not with the occupying Pakistani state. This was the first time in the history of Baloch resistance movement that people of Makaran had so boldly rebelled again the Pakistani occupation. The Pakistani flag was removed, and Pakistani anthem banned.

Pakistan unleashed savage brutality against the Baloch activist one by one they were abducted. The aim of the state was to wipeout all the resistance, those who were lucky to slip away from the hands of the state intelligence agencies had to leave their home town for good.

On 23 February 2011, two mutilated and savagely tortured bodies were found near Hadh Cross, Ormara of District Gwadar. They were identified as Abdul Rahman Arif who spend 6 months and Mahboob Ali Wadhela had spent 11 months in Pakistani state’s captivity.

The aim of the Pakistan is make the fallen heroes of Baloch nation just a statistic a number. As the number increases a “Blanket of Silence” covers the crime. As Mir Mohammed Ali Talpur quoting Bertolt Brecht explains it ‘When crimes begin to pile up they become invisible. When sufferings become unendurable the cries are no longer heard.’

We must remember collective wisdom, can only steer the Baloch liberation movement to victory, disunity will slow down the movement. Baloch nation after enormous sacrifices can’t afford to waste them.

With one voice we say to the State of Pakistan: We shall not be Silenced, We shall not Forget, We shall not Retreat, We shall not Surrender. We shall carry the flag of free and united Balochistan given to us by our fallen heroes to victory.

Long live free and united Balochistan

Struggle until victory

Baloch Vanguards

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