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Feb 10: Shaheed Abdul Qayyum Baloch & Shaheed Jameel Yaqoob Baloch

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February 9, 2018 · 3:00 pm

Comrade Abdul Qayyum Baloch of Gwadar

Comrade Abdul Qayyum Baloch

His dedication to the Baloch struggle made him a target for Pakistan which wanted him silenced

by Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Mir Muhammad Ali TalpurSince March 27th 1948s forced accession the Baloch have been resisting the Pakistani state’s attempts to exploit their resources, politically disenfranchise them, physically eliminate and intimidate them and last but not the least turn them into a minority with influx of non-Baloch people. Baloch resistance has so far foiled the evil designs though this has taken a heavy toll of Baloch lives but there seems to be no let up in resistance.

The intensity and areas of this resistance has varied over time; initially it was limited to central Balochistan then it shifted to Marri and Mengal area with traces of it in the Makran coastal areas. Now the resistance encompasses entire Balochistan with Makran coastal and adjoining area being the most active.

کامریڈ عبدالقیوم بلوچ گوادری

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