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MQM-Altaf not a friend to Baloch

The Baloch should understand that forging alliances with the MQM is forging alliance with the establishment.

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

A Baloch activist friend who lives abroad recently wrote to me and expressed concern that some quarters among the Baloch are trying to forge a Baloch-MQM (Altaf)* alliance on the plea that the MQM is anti-establishment and will prove helpful to the Baloch. It is a tricky path to tread with such alliances which join disparate ideologies and sentiments on the basis of quite flimsy grounds of perceived anti-establishment stance. The friend also asked to express my views about this.

Writing about such issues, though necessary, has its pitfalls for there is the possibility of creating misunderstandings among friends and supporters, not to mention even within the ranks of the Baloch too. However, despite the hazards, the subject is too important to not to be commented upon.

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