Justin Trudeau should play role to stop Baloch massacre : Karima Baloch

Toronto/London: Chairperson of largest student organisation of Balochistan BSO-Azad, Karima Baloch has presented a memorandum to the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking him to play his role in stopping Baloch massacre at the hands of Pakistani Army.

Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) central spokesperson issued a press release to the media, and said that BSO-Azad Chairperson Karima Baloch presented a memorandum to the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regarding the continuation of the military operations, killing and abduction of the common people by the state forces in Balochistan.

The memorandum contains the incidents of killing and abduction of common people which occurred as the consequences of state barbarism in different areas of Baluchistan.

Along with these, the details about the expansion of the religious extremism and incidents of the collective military operations of Pakistan Army and the religious extremists against the Baloch pro-independence activists were also included in the memorandum.

Karima Baloch demanded that Canadian prime minister as the head of a responsible country, should play his role for the stoppage of Pakistani forces’ operations in Balochistan.

Karima Baloch in her memorandum stated that Shafiq Mengal, son of Naseer Mengal; the advisor to the former prime minister, was given all type of support against the Baluch movement. Shafiq Mengal is now heading the Islamic State (IS) and providing assistance to other groups of the death squads in Baluchistan. Several operatives of Shafiq Mengal are involved in the suicide blasts on different shrines and the house of worships in Baluchistan.

In London, BSO-Azad Organizer Niaz Baluch, organizer of the committee formed by foreign zones of BSO-Azad, and Baluch National Movement Foreign Secretary Hammal Haider Baluch met with the First Secretary Political and Legal Affairs Mr. Joekam Thomaschat of Switzerland Embassy to London and discussed the situation in Baluchistan with him.

In the meeting, BSO-Azad and BNM leaders said that Pakistani state is formally using the paramilitary institutions and religious groups to stop political activities in Baluchistan. They added that, as a state, Pakistan’s reaction to the recent poster campaign for the independence of Balochistan in Switzerland sheds light at the conditions imposed on the political activities in Balochistan.

Incidents like humiliation of the Swiss flags in Pakistan and the state’s threat to deport the Swiss ambassador are occurring in the reaction to the utilization of the basic right of poster campaign; such measures of Pakistan are reflection of extremist ideologies at the state level.

BSO-Azad and BNM leaders said that Pakistan is trying to prove Baluch movement as the proxy of other powers in order to confuse the international public opinion regarding the Baluch independence movement, but, until now, it couldn’t present any sort of evidence, as the proofs of its allegations because Pakistan’s such propaganda does not have any relation to the facts.

In London, First Secretary Mr. Joekam Thomaschat expressed his concern on the condition in Baluchistan, and assured to discuss this issue to his government.

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