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Pakistan Army Conducts Ruthless Operation In Different areas of Mastung and Kalat

pakistan army

Balochistan, 1 June 2017: A fresh military offensive has been reported by locals from different areas of Kalat and Mastung districts of Balochistan.

According to local witnesses for the last two days Pakistan army has been conducting an offensive in Johan, Narmuk, Kabo, Dilband, Thalkhavi, Dashthdi, Sarshaar, Esplinji, Koh-a-Sia, Koh-a-Maraan and other mountainous region of Kalat and Mastung.

Today Pakistani arms forces have commenced indiscriminate shelling of the rural villages in the region because of it countless homes were destroyed, many persons were killed and injured, including children and women.

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CPEC: The Baloch Perspective


Naseer Dashti

CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) is one segment of the proposed ‘One Belt One Road’ program of the Chinese government aimed at expanding Chinese economic and strategic influence in Asia. It involves a road and rail link from the Baloch town of Gwadar to Western Chinese city of Kashgar. Several special economic zones will be established along the entire length of the Corridor. The Baloch have been expressing their reservations on this project. The majority of the Baloch nationalist consider this as a corridor of death and destruction for the Baloch. This article is an attempt to explain and analyse the Baloch fears regarding CPEC.

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Pakistan: Abuses in mineral-rich Balochistan province

New Kahan

The deaths of at least 1,000 people since March 2008 in the ongoing nationalist insurgency in the volatile Pakistani province of Balochistan have often been overshadowed by the country’s other troubles. Yet as the BBC’s Syed Shoaib Hasan discovered, the suffering there is every bit as acute.

Getting to the vast Baloch tribal settlement of New Kahan is not easy. It is tightly guarded by a ring of checkpoints.

We slip quietly past through a gravel path with help from a local guide.

New Kahan is home to thousands of tribal Baloch people. The Baloch rebel anthem plays as children gather for assembly.

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The Fallout From Pakistan’s Nuclear Tests

nuclear blast chagi

May 28 is officially a “Day of Greatness” for Pakistan, but for many Balochs it’s a black day.

By Shah Meer Baloch

On May 28 each year, Pakistan proudly celebrates “Youm-e-Takbir,” which translates as the “Day of Greatness,” to commemorate the country’s first successful detonation of nuclear devices. But the locals in Balochistan’s Chagai district, and citizens all across Balochistan, see May 28 as a “black day.”

The locals still suffer as a result of the nuclear explosions the Pakistani government set off in the Ras Koh Mountains 19 years ago. The new generation of Baloch inhabitants in the region is plagued with serious diseases stemming from those blasts. And all in Balochistan are constantly reminded of the promises made at the time by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (then serving his second of what would be three terms, spread out over 17 years) to invest in health, education, roads, and infrastructure in the province — promises that have yet to be fulfilled.

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