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Story of an American Baloch who spent 10 months in ISI dungeons


“What I went through, I won’t wish it for my worst enemy.”

Ahmar Mustikhan

“My personal enmity is only with the ISI,” US Citizen Afzal Bugti, 57, a successful businessman from Chicago, who went back to Pakistan, said. There were rumors that he had been abducted because of personal enmity when he vanished into thin air in May 2016, trackless. Bugti’s cardinal son: talking on the phone with his tribal chief, who is also his party chief, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti in Geneva.

“I am alive today simply because I am an American,” Bugti said on phone from Karachi. “For 10 long months I did not see the light of the day, when I was freed from the dungeon my eyes could not stand the day’s light.”

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Pakistan?


US patience with Pakistan appears to have finally run out. But whether this will mean Washington will try something different with Pakistan remains to be seen.

Seema Sirohi

Washington: Pakistan and its supporters, increasingly frustrated at the rising crescendo of criticism from US opinion makers and demands for a tougher policy, are trying to make a comeback and rev up their stock by talking up their country’s indispensability for the US.

The objective is to steer the Trump administration’s ongoing policy review in favour of Pakistan to the extent possible and prevent major damage.

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April 21: Martyred Grooms of Gwarjak, Balochistan

April 21 Martryed Grooms of Gawrjak

In the early hours of 21 April 2015 Pakistan army raids the village of Gwarjak in Mahskay Balochistan. Harass and brutally beats up women and children and abduct seven young men including three newly-wed grooms. In the afternoon the Levies Tehseeldar (local police inspector) receives a call from Pakistan Army Camp that they have killed four Baloch rebels in an encounter. So come here and collect the bodies.

In fact all four of them were abducted, extremely tortured and extra-judicially executed in the Pakistan Army Camp. It is note worthy that all four were closely related to Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) commander Sheh Akhtar Nadeem. Basit Baloch was his brother; Aijaz and Aftab were his cousins as well as brothers in law; Shahnawaz was a close relative. Basit, Aijaz and Shahnawaz were newly-wed grooms.This is how Pakistan Army is committing and justifying Baloch genocide in the enlightened age of 21st Century.

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